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Peace of mind comes as standard when you join the Volkswagen family. Whether your Volkswagen is brand new, pre-owned or has been handed down through generations, you will always receive genuine care and transparent pricing from our network of authorized service centers. 

Transparent Pricing

Our service cost calculator shows you the upfront and maximum retail price to service popular Volkswagen models at any specified service interval. In addition you can save up to 20% on our attractive service packages. Purchasing a service package now for your vehicle locks in the costs at today’s rate, protecting you from future rising costs. 

Genuine Parts

High quality and the perfect fit for your model: With our Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, you’ll preserve the value and safety of your Volkswagen. Backed by a 2-year unlimited kilometer warranty when fitted at an authorized Volkswagen service center, there is nothing quite as good as a genuine part.

Certified Technicians

Equipped with the latest tools and diagnostic equipment, our certified technicians can diagnose a fault and repair it with Volkswagen Genuine Parts®. With direct access to the factory that built your Volkswagen, code clearing and software updates can be made on the spot.

Our service interval of 15,000 km or one year (whichever comes first) is a proof to the superior quality of our cars. On top of that you will have more time on your hands enjoying things that matter most in your life.